Hello there!

This is our little adventure

Primrose was born from a young mother's idea and from her wish to create an organic fabrics’ line by combining her love for illustrations and the attention for the raw materials and for the production methods, so that sewing lovers could make something unique and special while making a conscious purchase, both ethical and eco-friendly. 

our sustainability criteria

We produce fabric collections using only high quality certified organic cottons printing by company who pledge to work in a sustainable way, using low environmental impact inks.

Producing with sustainability criteria is not only a trend but a conscious choise.

The power that each individual has to influence the market’s decisions is immense and it is fantastic to think that behind the purchase of a simple piece of fabric, you can be the protagonist of an entire manufacturing cycle which allows to obtain a natural and socially considerate product.

our artistic collaborations

Collaborating with artists and illustrators from all over the world excites us immensely and it is a part of our job that we are head over heels in love with.
What we do together allows us to achieve sweet, fresh and super cute designs and we are positive that you will fall madly in love with them too!


Take a look at our collections and let them inspire in you the sweetest and most magical projects.

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